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Neurotic comedians Taylor Tomlinson, Kelsey Cook, and Delanie Fischer review self-help materials, philosophies, and movements while sharing their ongoing love-hate relationship with self-improvement. From Minimalism to Tony Robbins to Feng Shui, the girls decide if they think it works or if it's a hot load of garbage.

Feb 20, 2018

This week, the girls are joined by fantastic comedian and Kelsey's boyfriend, Kane Holloway!! Kane talks about how Kelsey's self-help obsession has changed him for the better and also frustrated him endlessly. He recently celebrated his one year-mark of sobriety and shares his journey of how he was able to remove alcohol from his life. Kane also talks about his recent love of therapy and what made him no longer skeptical of the therapy process. SUBSCRIBE to Self-Helpless on iTunes and give it a 5-star rating and review!