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Neurotic comedians Taylor Tomlinson, Kelsey Cook, and Delanie Fischer review self-help materials, philosophies, and movements while sharing their ongoing love-hate relationship with self-improvement. From Minimalism to Tony Robbins to Feng Shui, the girls decide if they think it works or if it's a hot load of garbage.

Sep 11, 2017

This week on Self-Helpless, the girls review the popular self-help book, “The War of Art,” by Steven Pressfield. The book made them decide if they were more afraid of failure or of success, and whether or not they’d continue pursuing their current career paths if they only had six months left to live. They also talk about the headache that is social media, and Delanie shares a “Treat Yoself” that turned into a “Self-Careless” when she tried having a relaxing spa day. Follow the girls at @KelseyCook @TaylorTomlinson @DelanieFischer. Music by @CorinaSeas.